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My 5 Favorite Deal BLogs


deal blogs to follow, you'll be glad you pinned this one!


A few years ago when I got super into couponing, part of it had to do with the amazing blogs I found that laid it all out for me. They posted deals and coupons multiple times a day. All I had to do was hop onto one of them, see what was on sale or free that day, print a few things off and head out! They helped me save a ton of money. I still check some of these blogs regularly, but some of them were local to Utah and since I’ve moved I’ve found others that are more relevant to me, and they all happen to be pretty applicable to everybody. I don’t do a ton of couponing these days but if I see that something is free or almost free I do print that off and I save at least a few bucks on each grocery bill thanks to these fine bloggers. I thought today I should share the wealth in case any of you are looking for great deals! And really, who isn’t? 

Money Saving Mom

One of my first blog loves, Money Saving Mom started off as mainly a coupon blog but now it’s evolved into much more. It’s an all-around home economy blog with a focus on saving money, staying out of debt and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Crystal, the woman behind the blog, is super inspiring and has a lot to do with why I started this blog with Jessica. A few months ago they even shared one of my free printables and I was a total fangirl on twitter about it. Anyway, my favorite posts here are the weekly store deals for Walgreens and CVS!

Kroger Krazy

A recent find, Kroger Krazy is my most frequent look-up since moving here. I live within a stone’s throw from like ten Krogers, and Katie (the author) has this awesome “Free at Kroger” feature that I have to check before every trip! What can I say, I love free stuff.

Totally Target

This is pretty self-explanatory, but ALL THE TARGET DEALS! I like to check this out, load up my cartwheel app and print off a few coupons here and there. My two favorite features on this blogs are the “cheap finds” and “price cuts” sections. I like to skim through and see if products I regularly use are on the list, and when they are I stock up!


This blog posts freebies on freebies on freebies. Nearly every free offer in the land is posted on Freebies2Deals. I like to check this out here and there and I often find out that some restaurant is offering a free sample or what is free with coupons at Walmart. Anyone who alerts me of free frozen yogurt is good in my book.

Passion for Savings

Passion for savings is rounding up the deals all day every day! They share sweet grocery deals, coupons and sales at retail stores, freebies and the like. I love that it’s a little bit of everything, and especially love that the design is clean, white and pretty easy to read. Not trying to bash other deal bloggers but most of them can get looking busy, because well, they have to jam pack the info in! But this one is super easy on the eyes and of course, the wallet!

So there you go. My five favorite deal blogs, exposed! I also recommend finding a couple good deal bloggers that share local stuff in your area, because a) they can share stuff about smaller businesses and we all like to support those don’t we? and b) we don’t all have the same stores that the bigger, more national-focused deal bloggers are posting about. So it’ll do you wonders to find a great local deal blogger! When I moved to Houston the first blog I found and fell in love with was Houston on the Cheap, it’s got deals for local places and free fun stuff that is going on around our city and I still check it at least once a week.

Keto On A Budget – Guide To $5 A Day Keto Shopping List

Keto on a Budget | Shopping List and Meal Plan for Keto on $5 a Day

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Update(08/14/2018): This Keto on a Budget meal plan has been used by thousands of people and we’ve received lots of great feedback! We’ve learned from this feedback and would like to give guidance on how to make the most of this plan.

  • Calculate your macros before starting the keto on a budget meal plan. It’s impossible to make a meal plan that’s suited for everyone, so make sure the macros delivered in this plan are well suited to you.
  • This plan is for 1200 calories a day. That is on the low end of what most people are going to look for. If you’re eating more than 1200 calories a day you can very easily scale this up!
  • This plan delivers slightly more protein than most people starting keto will need. The easiest way to counteract this is by adding more fat to meals. Adding 2 tablespoons of fat/oil each day will give you a 1450 calorie plan with a really solid fat:protein ratio.

If 1 meal prep isn’t enough for you we’ve got a full 50 day plan that has been used by hundreds to successfully lose weight on a keto diet. Check it out!

Budget Grocery Shopping Considerations

Everyone wants to save money right? Well, this blog post will lay out a comprehensive plan for saving money while eating a healthy keto diet. Low carb on a budget is simple, it just takes some planning and flexibility to use whatever is on sale. Before we get too far into it I’d like to lay out the whole suite we have put together for anyone looking for more info on the specifics of this plan:

When we devised this keto on a budget meal plan and shopping list we wanted to create something that was truly all-inclusive. Therefor we have things like butter and salad dressing included. Most people will have a lot of the basics already in their kitchen, so you could be pulling this plan off for well under $5 a day. Further down in this post we will talk about possible substitutions you could utilize to make this plan even healthier and cheaper with bulk purchases of a few items you’ll be using frequently on your keto journy!

keto budget feature

How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

Grocery shopping on a budget can be a fun and thrilling adventure(I’ve reached this point in my life…). The first thing you’re going to want to do is take a good long look at the sales paper. For this grocery haul we just walked to our local grocery store and shopped the deals they had at the time, which happened to be really good. If you want to really maximize your savings you can look through all of the local grocery store papers before deciding which one has the best deals for your meal plan. You can also give this online coupon database a try! You’ll be able to find some good deals at just about every local grocery store that will make this meal plan achievable. Don’t go walking into Whole Foods expecting to pull this off though! Check out our video to see our trip to the grocery store:


Keto Meal Prep

Meal prepping is the secret to eating on a tight budget. It allows you to buy the items that are on sale, in bulk, and prepare them for quick access throughout the week. The meal prep detailed here took us about 2 hours of “active time” and another 3 hours of “passive time”. The passive time was mostly waiting for the chicken to cook/cool. The items we prepped for this meal plan are:

  • 1 Whole Chicken – 9 lbs
  • 12 Egg Cups – Sausage/Bacon/Egg Muffins
  • 10 Slices of Bacon
  • 12 Hard Boiled Eggs

Another benefit of meal prepping is that it greatly reduces your time spent in the kitchen. That’s right… you no longer have to work as a short order cook for 2 hours a day! This budget meal plan will make use of all the items we prep as well as the rest of the items on the shopping list. There is still some cooking required, but it will only be about 10-15 minutes a day, and is mostly just cooking broccoli/cauliflower. I would encourage you to check out this keto on a budget meal prep video we’ve put together as it was made specifically for this meal plan:

If you like this content and want to see more in the future, subscribe to our YouTube Channel! We put out 3 videos per week all relating to keto cooking and lifestlye.

Meal Ideas

Now we do have a full meal plan laid out for you below, but I would encourage you to experiment a bit with some meals that might better suit your tastes. We love all of these meals, that’s why we picked them! We know everyone is different though. If you want to sub something in, just check to make sure the nutrition is comparable. Keto on a budget can be pulled off all types of different ways. This is just one example using a lot of our favorite meals. For example, if you have a bunch of coconut oil sitting around feel free to sub it in for the butter. If you have olive oil, sub it in for the blue cheese dressing. Don’t let this meal plan feel restricting, it is best used as a reference point and not as a hard and fast rule book. We put together this full day of eating video to show you an example of how we ate on $5 a day:

Keto Cobb Salad Recipe Video

One of the meals you will see recurring frequently in the meal plan is a Cobb Salad. We are big advocates for the Cobb Salad! You know us… shills for Corporate Cobb Salad. Really though, we find Cobb Salads to be a great way to get a meal with perfect keto macros as well as pack in some much needed micro-nutrients. We love them so much we made a video to show everyone how we make them! For this meal plan you’ll be making a salad just like the one in this video minus the shredded cheese:

Stir Fry Dinners

The other meals we have listed in the meal plan mostly come from the meal prep items. We make 2 different types of simple stir fry dinners. One using some of the whole chicken we prepped and one using the extra ground beef. It’s pretty simple, but I’ll walk you through it really quick:

Chicken and Broccoli/Cauliflower

  • 1. Heat a pan over medium heat.
  • 2. Add broccoli/cauliflower mixture and butter
  • 3. Cook until broccoli/cauliflower are soft, but still a bit al dente
  • 4. Add precooked chicken in just to warm through.

Ground Beef and Broccoli/Cauliflower

  • 1. Heat a pan over medium heat.
  • 2. Add ground beef. Cook for 5 minutes.
  • 3. Add broccoli/cauliflower and butter. Cook for about 10 more minutes.
  • 4. Make sure broccoli/cauliflower is tender and enjoy.

That’s a quick primer on the essentials for creating meals tailored to this meal plan. See how easy eating keto on a budget can be? The “when” and “how much” are all shown in the printable plans at the bottom of this post!

Meal Plan Substitutions

This shopping list and meal plan can be heavily substituted to meet your needs. The first thing you’ll want to do is scan it over and make sure you like eating all of the foods listed here. Eating delicious foods is a big part of adhering to a diet long term! If there is a particular item you can’t stand just do a bit of research and find a substitution. Just make sure the item you decide to substitute in is similar in nutrition to the one you’re eliminating. This can be done with a quick google search or by using a website like My Fitness Pal.

Substitutions for the Meat
The whole chicken we got was $1 per pound, which is a great deal! You can sub in thighs or legs if you find those to be cheaper. Try to get it with the skin on so your meat comes with some fat! In the videos we got 2 pounds of sausage at $3 per pound. That’s a deal we couldn’t pass up! You can substitute any sausage in for that(check for sugar) or you can opt for ground beef. Make sure you get 80/20 fat/protein ratio or higher(it will be listed on the packaging).

Substitutions for the Vegetables
Avocado’s are a huge staple food for most keto dieters and we’re no different. You might be able to find a good deal on premade guacamole though. If that’s the case, feel free to go for that and sub out the avocado. If you don’t like broccoli or cauliflower you can try mushrooms or zucchini. If you don’t like any of those you should probably learn to like vegetables!!! But you could also just double down on the salad.

Other Substitutions
In this guide the only form of pure fat we use is butter. If possible, coconut oil would really be a nice upgrade. We couldn’t fit coconut oil into our $5 a day keto on a budget meal plan, but it’s cheap if you buy in bulk. Another good substitution would be olive oil or coconut oil and vinegar instead of the premade salad dressing. Most cheap premade dressings will use oils that are frowned upon on keto like canola or vegetable oil.

Keto on $5 a Day Quick Reference Infographic

Check out this quick reference Infographic! The perfect reference for eating low carb on a budget. This is really a stripped down, basic plan. It’s perfect if you want to take it as a reference and add your own twist to it!
A super simple way to eat a ketogenic diet on $5 a day. Full meal plan and shopping list in blog post!

Printable Shopping List and Meal Plan

We’ve included a printable shopping list and meal plan for your convenience! Again, use these tools as a reference and not as the be all end all. If you see something else on sale that you enjoy eating, go for that! This can be used as a framework for how to eat on keto. This isn’t the most ideal meal plan for optimal health, but it’s a pretty good one for cheap. I would recommend getting some coconut oil in this plan if possible, but we couldn’t fit it into our all-inclusive approach. If you buy in bulk on amazon coconut oil is cheap!

To get the printable shopping list and meal plan simply sign up below and we’ll email you a copy. Thanks for reading and we hope this meal plan helps you get on the path to achieving your goals. Our goal is to help you reach yours!

Get Your Free Shopping List + Meal Plan

If you want further guidance on coming up with a meal plan for you, feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to help you devise a meal plan to match your specific goals. This is a cheap meal plan is geared towards weight loss. We will have different meal plans in the future that can be applied to different goals. Thanks for reading!

A super simple way to eat a ketogenic diet on $5 a day. Full meal plan and shopping list in blog post!

Delicious Paleo Friendly Recipes For Every Meal Of The Week

Delicious Paleo Recipes for Every Meal of the Week

20 Delicious Paleo Recipes for Every Meal of the Day

From grocery aisles to restaurant menus to primal vending machines, the paleo lifestyle has officially gone mainstream. And if you’re still not clear on what it entails, there’s no need to crawl under a rock. The paleo diet is based on the idea that our bodies are function best when fed the same diet our caveman ancestors enjoyed. That means saying yes to grass-fed meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and seeds, and no to dairy, grains, legumes and processed foods. While these restrictions can seem hard to follow at first, fear not — maintaining a paleo diet can easily be delicious and healthy. Plus, it might make your body feel better, too. Before heading out into the wild, bookmark these paleo recipes that will have you covered from sunrise to sundown — breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert included.

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Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Paleo Egg McMuffin

1. Paleo Sausage Egg McMuffin
Try one of these paleo breakfast sandwiches and you’ll never look at an English muffin again. Egg patties make the perfect paleo substitution for breakfast sandwich buns. Biscuit cutters help shape the egg buns and sausage center so everything is uniform in size and shape. If sausage isn’t your thing, slices of bacon or a round piece of crisped pancetta would work perfectly, too. (Note: The recipe says guacamole optional, but we have to disagree — it’s essential!) Photo and recipe: Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo

Carrot Waffles

2. Grain-Free Carrot Waffles
Chestnut flour is the key ingredient to these healthier waffles. While similar to other nut flours in texture and flavor, chestnut flour works better in this recipe thanks to its lower fat content and higher starch content, creating a fluffy waffle instead of a gummy, dense one. The sweet, slightly nutty flavor works complements the grated carrot and cinnamon to produce that signature carrot cake flavor. Photo and recipe: Kasia / Cook It Lean

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Acorn Squash Egg in A Hole

3. Acorn Squash in the Hole
Forget toast — acorn squash is an ideal paleo substitute for the classic breakfast favorite “egg-in-a-hole.” This recipe calls for acorn squash, but other varieties such as delicata would likely work just as well. Top with chopped bacon, or some sautéed greens if you’d rather keep the dish vegetarian. Photo and recipe: Julia Mueller / The Roasted Root

Paleo Mini Bagels

4. Paleo Mini Bagels
These protein-rich mini bagels make a great on-the-go breakfast or paleo-friendly snack. Plus, they’re much easier to make than regular gluten-filled bagels, and you bake them right in the oven — no boiling required! The recipe says to top with poppy seeds, sesame seeds and onion flakes, but you can easily customize to your tastes (cinnamon and coconut sugar, anyone?). Photo and recipe: Elana Amsterdam / Elana’s Pantry

Blueberry Scones

5. Gluten-Free Blueberry and Coconut Scones
At just 163 calories per serving, these gluten- and dairy-free scones can find a place in just about anyone’s meal plan. Almond flour serves as the base for these breakfast treats. While the recipe calls for blueberries to mix in, feel free to swap in apples, raspberries, cranberries or nuts as you see fit. (Pro tip: substitute the egg in this recipe to make the scones vegan, too.) Photo and recipe: Miryam / Eat Good 4 Life

Paleo Lunch Recipes

Tuna Salad Recipe

6. Tuna Nicoise Salad
This 350-calorie salad makes is one satisfying paleo lunch. With six different types of vegetables, this salad is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Plus, the seared tuna and hard-boiled egg serve up a hefty 38-gram dose of protein that’s sure to keep you full until dinnertime. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Spicy Tuna Burger

7. Spicy Tuna and Tomato Burgers
Whether they’re served on top of a salad, wrapped in lettuce or in a paleo bun, these protein-filled tuna burgers make a satisfying lunch (or dinner). Don’t skip the avocado and Greek yogurt topping — the creamy texture and cool flavors complement the spicy burger perfectly. Photo and recipe: Emma / Better with Cake

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Shawarma Chicken Bowls

8. Shwarma Chicken Bowls with Basil-Lemon Vinaigrette
Meal planners, this recipe is perfect for you! Once the chicken has been cooked and cooled and the veggies are prepped, pack individual portions with a small container of the dressing. When it’s time for lunch, pour on the dressing, shake it up and you have a healthy and protein-rich lunch in one minute flat. Photo and recipe: Mike / The Iron You

Shawarma Chicken Bowls

9. Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad
Asian chicken salad is a restaurant menu staple. Sadly, it is rarely paleo-friendly and one salad can contain upwards of 1,000 calories (compared to the 533 in one serving of this salad!). Instead of plain old lettuce, shredded napa cabbage and carrots make up the base of this recipe. The homemade dressing offers up all of those classic Asian flavors with a fraction of the fat, calories and sugar found in store-bought varieties. Photo and recipe:Linda Wagner 

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Butternut Squash Soup

10. Butternut Squash Soup
On a cold winter’s day this soup is the perfect way to warm up from the inside out. Coconut milk gives it a creamy texture while also keeping it dairy-free and paleo-friendly. Play around with the garnish to kick up the flavor a notch: The recipe recommends cilantro, paprika, fresh ground black pepper or sunflower seeds, but crispy coconut chips, toasted cashews or even some shredded chicken would be great additions. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Paleo Dinner Recipes

Sweet and Spicy Paleo Chicken Bites

11. Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bites
Fact: You can eat boneless chicken wings and maintain a paleo diet at the same time. Instead of fried gluten-filled breading, these babies are coated in almond four and baked until crispy before taking a bath in a sticky sweet and spicy sauce made from honey, hot sauce and garlic powder. Now that’s finger lickin’ good. Photo and recipe: Kristen / The Endless Meal

Chicken Zucchini Noodle Soup

12. Chicken Zucchini Noodle Soup
Make classic chicken noodle soup paleo by skipping the noodles and opting for spiralized zucchini (aka zoodles)! If zucchini isn’t your favorite or you’d prefer something with a bit more bite, let turnip or carrot noodles be the star to this soup show! Photo and recipe: Ali Maffucci / Inspiralized

Short Rib Tacos

13. Slow Cooker Short Rib Tacos
Start a batch of these tacos in the morning and arrive home to a healthy, filling meal. Unlike many of the gluten-free options out there, the coconut and tapioca flour tortillas that serve as the base for these tacos bend perfectly without snapping — an essential taco-making quality. If you’re short on time or don’t want to make tortillas, the slow cooker short ribs would also go perfectly on top of cauliflower rice or mixed greens. Photo and recipe: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

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Baked Tilapia with Radish Relish

14. Baked Tilapia with Radish Relish
Get dinner on the table in 15 minutes flat with this simple, low-calorie and high-protein recipe. Tilapia is an affordable protein choice — an eight-ounce serving of the sturdy white fish has a whopping 47 grams! Cooking in a parchment pouch with capers and lemon traps in flavor while allowing for easy cleanup. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Chimichurri Steak

15. Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
When topped with a fresh, herbaceous sauce such as arugula chimichurri, a lean cut of well-cooked meat makes a perfectly satisfying healthy dinner. Pair it with a green salad or some grilled vegetables for a well-balanced meal. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote /Life by Daily Burn

Paleo Dessert Recipes

Paleo Chocolate Mousse

16. Paleo Chocolate Mousse
Forget about all those mug cake recipes that have been floating around the internet lately — this paleo chocolate mousse is about to become your go-to dessert for two. Instead of refined white sugar, this recipe relies on honey or maple syrup for a hint of sweetness while coconut milk helps achieve a super-creamy texture. Once it’s set in the fridge for at least an hour, top with fresh fruit or toasted nuts for some extra texture and flavor. Photo and recipe: Linnaea / I’m Gluten Free

Walnut Pears

17. Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey
This dessert is so simple and healthy it could easily pass as breakfast. When pears aren’t in season, apples or stone fruit of any kind would also work perfectly (and feel free to swap in any type of nuts you like, too). Photo and recipe: Gina Homolka / Skinny Taste

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

18. No-Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Forget about dairy — this combination of coconut milk, dates, cocoa powder and almond milk make the perfect super-creamy and paleo-friendly ice cream alternative. Swirl in some paleo chocolate ganache or toasted nuts for texture. Photo and recipe: Minimalist Baker

Almond Joy Bars

19. Raw Almond Joy Bars
When baked goods are calling your name but you can’t bear to turn on the oven, these raw coconut-almond bars are here to help. This healthy alternative to the classic candy bar favorite has all of the elements — a chocolaty crust, sweet coconut filling, and toasted crunchy almond top — without the guilt. Photo and recipe: Rawmazing

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Cashew Cream Fruit Parfait

20. Cashew Cream and Fruit Parfait
Here’s an easy breakfast, snack or dessert recipe to keep in your back pocket. Cashew cream is full of flavor and is higher in protein than its dairy-based cousins. The creamy fro-yo substitute pairs perfectly with any type of fresh fruit or paleo granola. They don’t call it “parfait” for nothing. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Ketogenic Diet Explained and 10 Keto Recipes

Ketogenic Diet Explained and 10 Keto Recipes


I’m the first one to admit that I love my fats. They are incredibly fueling and since I began to incorporate more fat into my breakfasts, I’ve personally experienced a huge improvement in health including weight loss, hormone balance and better sleep. You might be hearing a lot about high-fat diets since the ketogenic diet, or keto diet, has surged in popularity. And from where I stand, dropping the fear of fat and including nutritious sources of fat in our diets is a good thing.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet and How Does It Work?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. It’s kind of similar to other low-carb diets like Atkins, but instead of replacing carbs with protein, you add in a ton of fat. This sends the body into ketosis, where we start burning fat as our primary source off energy.

The ketogenic diet has actually been around for almost a century. It was initially developed in the 1920s to treat epilepsy and has since been used to help with weight loss, cardiovascular health, diabetes, brain disorders and certain types of cancer.

Keto Safe Foods

  • Low-carb, non-starchy veggies
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Oils like coconut and olive oil.

Non-Keto Friendly Foods Include:

  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Alcohol

A Quick Review of Fats

Fat is an important macronutrient that has unfortunately been vilified for decades. Emerging research shows that all of the low-fat advice we grew up with was unfounded and fat doesn’t lead to obesity and heart disease.


  • Helps form our cell membranes
  • Offers us a rich source of energy
  • Protects our nervous system
  • Helps us make hormones
  • Forms our brains
  • Supports effective functioning of the nervous system
  • Nourishes our skin from the inside out
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Lubricates our joints

All crucial stuff, right? So you can see why eliminating it could potentially cause us harm, while eating more of it can benefit our health and wellness.

How Did The Ketogenic (Keto) Diet Become Popular

As I mentioned, the keto diet was initially used by doctors to treat epilepsy, particularly in children. The diet waned from the 1970s onwards (likely due to the belief that high fat diets were at the root of heart disease- a theory that has since been disproven). The diet was brought to the forefront again in 2000 when an episode of Dateline featured the story of a little boy suffering from epilepsy – and the medications weren’t working. His seizures became so bad his parents turned to the ketogenic diet as a last resort and it cured him completely. (His parents went on to found a non-profit organization and direct a TV movie about their son that starred Merryl Streep.)

After that, scientists found a renewed interest in the ketogenic diet and began to explore it in more detail through clinical studies. What they found was substantial!

The Health Benefits of The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has a wide range of crucial health benefits, including:

  • Weight Loss. Fat isn’t going to make us fat. When we consume the right amount of fat for our bodies, we feel more satisfied and satiated. We don’t ride on the blood sugar roller coaster. A number of singular studies (like this one) show that participants on ketogenic diets lose more weight than those on low-fat diets. And they keep it off – this meta-analysis concluded that high-fats diets were better than low-fat ones in the long run.
  • Cardiovascular Disease. The weight loss studies I referred to above also examined cardiovascular risk factors. The participants didn’t experience negative cardio impacts from eating fat and the meta-analysis found that the keto diet helped to lower blood pressure and raise HDL cholesterol. Another meta-analysis that focused on the keto diet and heart health concluded that very low-carb diets help to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, improve blood vessel function and reduce inflammation.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Management + Blood Sugar Control. Eating fat stabilizes our blood sugar levels. In one study comparing the keto diet to the low glycemic index diet, the keto diet group experienced a greater improvement in glycemic control and some participants were even able to reduce their diabetes medications. Other studies show that the keto diet, when compared to low-fat eating, can lower glucose and insulin concentrations and improve insulin sensitivity. In this study of Type 2 diabetes patients, most of the participants were able to eliminate or drastically reduce their meds.
  • Epilepsy. The keto diet is considered a valid option as part of treatment for epilepsy, though more so in children than adults. In this study of children with challenging seizures, the kids followed the keto diet for a year. Researchers followed up with the families three years and six years later, discovering that many of the children either decreased or eliminated their medications.
  • Brain Health. Our brains are about 60% fat. Emerging evidence indicates that ketone bodies can help improve memory and can potentially treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Other areas of research indicate that ketogenic diets may be able to improve acne, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, suppress or reduce cancer tumors, diminish PCOS symptoms, and help heal brain trauma.

Is The Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

We are all biochemically unique, which is why I recommend people work with their favourite natural health care practitioner (this is mine) to ensure they are following a safe ketogenic diet, especially if you have metabolic conditions where medications are concerned.

If you are interested in experimenting with the ketogenic diet, try it for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference in your health. We all have different metabolic types, and some of us will feel better than others on a high-fat diet.

This may be stating the obvious, but it’s virtually impossible to do this safely if you’re vegan. There is only so many nuts, seeds and coconut you can eat, and you probably won’t feel satiated or vibrant without the animal side of things. But if you’ve done it successfully, then let me know!

Why I Am Not “Going Keto”

As I was working on this post, my husband asked me if I would ever have any interest in trying the ketogenic diet. My response: “If it’s ever indicated, then yes.” The ketogenic diet is one that would fall into the “therapeutic diets” category for me. This means that it can be incredibly effective for some people with specific health needs, for a period of time.

The thing with these diet trends is when a therapeutic diet falls into the mainstream, (and currently Keto is a trend) is that most often they are not sustainable as an ongoing lifestyle. And way too often, they are taken on willy nilly and not followed effectively, which can result in a further decline of health. If my health needs ever indicated that keto was the optimal way for me to eat and live to reverse or prevent a specific condition, I absolutely would give it a try.

What I’m not interested in, is constantly experimenting with every new diet we learn about just because it’s gained popularity. I would encourage you to be just as mindful. As we know, there is no quick fix ever and one diet does not suit all. There are seven billion people on the planet and that means there are seven billion optimal diets.

There are 7 billion people on the planet, that require 7 billion different diets.

And if you just want to eat some deliciously fat-fueled recipes, I have a few awesome things for you to try.

10 Awesome Ketogenic Diet Recipes


Keto Diet Bowl

by Hey Keto Mama

Make yourself some cauli rice, salmon and spiralized noodles and you’re golden.



Keto Diet Chicken Nuggets

by Mamashire

Skip the complicated dredging process and make this quick and easy recipe instead. I like to serve things like this with a big green salad or a pile of roasted veg.



Keto Diet Spring Rolls

by Healthful Pursuit

This keto spring roll uses cooked cabbage for the wraps instead of the traditional rice paper wraps.



Keto Diet Green Smoothie

by I Breathe I’m Hungry

You can still drink smoothies on a keto diet – you just need to be mindful of which fruits you use.



Keto Diet Fat Bombs

by Real Balanced

No keto diet roundup would be complete without a ‘fat bomb’ recipe. These chocolatey nuggets are perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy boost, or a nutritious dessert.



Keto Diet Avocados

by Keto Diet App

This meal is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s and gets an amazing boost with the addition of turmeric.



Keto Diet Cashew Soup

by Biohackers Recipes

A creamy and luxurious soup packed with veggies, nuts and spices. You can use water or veggie broth to make it vegan, or amp up the power with homemade bone broth.



Keto Diet Avocado Stuffed Meatballs

by The Iron You

Bite into a wonderfully creamy surprise with these avocado-stuffed meatballs. You won’t regret the extra effort.



Keto Diet Granola

by Low Carb, So Simple

Granola isn’t off the table on a keto diet – simply use nuts and seeds instead, and use your favourite dairy-free nut/seed milk.



Coconut Lemongrass Soup

I love this simple nut-free, vegan and Paleo-friendly soup because it’s full on flavour and light on work!




Side Effects of Cheese

Cheese is a fermented food made from milk, normally amassed from cows, goats or lambs. Some cheese selections have mold and mildews that include a particular taste. Cheese is an outstanding resource of calcium, which is essential for bone as well as teeth wellness, and also healthy protein, for muscular tissue upkeep and also structure. Nevertheless, intake of cheese likewise could create a variety of troubles in a couple of individuals.

Lactose Intolerance

Some individuals are lactose intolerant, indicating that they could not absorb the lactose discovered in milk as well as milk items. Because of this, intake of lactose creates stomach bloating, aches, looseness of the bowels, gas and also nausea or vomiting, generally 30 mins to 2 hrs after eating the milk item. There are differing degrees of lactose intolerance. For those that could endure some lactose, they generally could take in cheese due to the fact that the fermentation procedure decreases the lactose material significantly. Inning accordance with the “Manual of Dietetic Practice,” hard, aged cheeses have the least quantity of lactose. Nonetheless, soft, fresh cheese still includes considerable quantities of lactose as well as is most likely to create issues in these individuals.

Milk Allergy

Cow healthy protein allergic reaction, or milk allergic reaction, is various from lactose intolerance. Individuals adverse cow healthy protein could not endure any kind of amounts of this healthy protein, so all sorts of cheese made from animal milk needs to be stayed clear of. A few of the signs of milk allergic reaction noted in the “Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine” consist of dermatitis, breakouts, hives, looseness of the bowels, gas, irregularity and also bronchial asthma.

Amine Sensitivity

Some individuals are delicate to amines, a course important discovered in some foods. Usual foods including amines are cheese, delicious chocolate, citrus fruits as well as wine. Usage of these by amine-sensitive people triggers frustrations, breakouts and also high blood pressure altitudes. Fresh cheeses, such as mozzarella, home as well as ricotta, might not trigger troubles as their amine degrees are extremely reduced. On the various other hand, aged cheeses are extremely high in amines.

Weight Gain as well as High Blood Pressure

Cheese, specifically the tough ranges, have the tendency to be high in calories as well as salt, and also routine intake could cause weight gain as well as high blood pressure. You must restrict your cheese consumption if you wish to manage your weight or have a heart disease. Soft cheeses are reduced in calories and also salt compared to tough cheeses, making them a much healthier alternative.

ALL about the Dairy Foods

What foods are consisted of in the Dairy Products?

All liquid milk items as well as lots of foods made from milk are thought about component of this food team. The majority of Dairy Group options ought to be fat-free or low-fat. Foods made from milk that preserve their calcium web content belong to the team. Foods made from milk that have little to no calcium, such as lotion cheese, lotion, and also butter, are not. Calcium-fortified soymilk (soy drink) is additionally component of the Dairy Group.

Just how much food from the Dairy Group is required daily?

The quantity of food from the Dairy Group you have to consume relies on age. Suggested day-to-day quantities are received the table listed below.

What matters as a mug in the Dairy Group?

Generally, 1 mug of milk, yogurt, or soymilk (soy drink), 1 1/2 ounces of all-natural cheese, or 2 ounces of refined cheese could be taken into consideration as 1 mug from the Dairy Group. The table listed below listings details quantities that count as 1 mug in the Dairy Group in the direction of your everyday advised consumption.

Option pointers

  • Select fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, as well as cheese. If you select milk or yogurt that is not fat-free, or cheese that is not low-fat, the fat in the item counts versus your limitation for calories from hydrogenated fats.
  • If sweetened milk items are selected (flavorful milk, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, treats), the sugarcoated likewise count versus your restriction for calories from sugarcoated.
  • For those that are lactose intolerant, smaller sized parts (such as 4 liquid ounces of milk) could be well endured. Lactose-free and also lower-lactose items are offered. These consist of lactose-reduced or lactose-free milk, yogurt, as well as cheese, and also calcium-fortified soymilk (soy drink). Additionally, enzyme prep work could be contributed to milk to decrease the lactose web content.
    • Calcium options for those that do not take in milk items consist of: kale leaves
      Calcium-fortified juices, grains, breads, rice milk, or almond milk. Calcium-fortified foods as well as drinks might not give the various other nutrients located in milk items. Examine the tags.
    • Tinned fish (sardines, salmon with bones) soybeans and also various other soy items (tofu made with calcium sulfate, soy yogurt, tempeh), other beans, and also some leafed environment-friendlies (collard and also turnip environment-friendlies, kale, bok choy). The quantity of calcium that could be taken in from these foods differs.

Beans and peas are special foods

Beans as well as peas are the fully grown kinds of vegetables. They consist of kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), split peas and also lentils. They are offered in completely dry, tinned, as well as icy types. These foods are outstanding resources of plant healthy protein, as well as give various other nutrients such as iron and also zinc. They resemble meats, fowl, and also fish in their payment of these nutrients. For that reason, they are thought about component of the Protein Foods Group. Many individuals think about beans and also peas as vegan choices for meat. Nonetheless, they are likewise taken into consideration component of the Vegetable Group due to the fact that they are exceptional resources of nutritional fiber as well as nutrients such as folate and also potassium. These nutrients, which are usually reduced in the diet regimen of several Americans, are likewise located in various other veggies.

As a result of their high nutrient material, taking in beans and also peas is advised for everybody, consisting of individuals that likewise consume meat, fowl, and also fish routinely. The USDA Food Patterns identify beans and also peas as a subgroup of the Vegetable Group. The USDA Food Patterns likewise show that beans as well as peas could be counted as component of the Protein Foods Group. People could count beans and also peas as either a veggie or a healthy protein food.

Eco-friendly peas, environment-friendly lima beans, as well as eco-friendly (string) beans are ruled out to be component of the beans as well as peas subgroup. Eco-friendly peas as well as eco-friendly lima beans resemble various other starchy veggies and also are organized with them. Environment-friendly beans are organized with various other veggies such as onions, lettuce, celery, as well as cabbage due to the fact that their nutrition material resembles those foods.

How to get children to eat healthy food

Ways to obtain youngsters to consume healthy and balanced food

1. Do not compel it

girl consuming an apple in an orchard

Do not make a large offer of any type of way of living modifications you are presenting – simply present brand-new foods without unique remark, and also demonstrate how much you delight in consuming them (it do without stating that if you dislike Brussels sprouts, leave them off the food selection in the meantime).

2. Make certain the best food is readily available

Fill up the fruit dish, vacant the deals with cabinet and also inspect out our video clip on cabinet fundamentals.

3. Treats do not need to be harmful

If you constantly have a biscuit with your favorite, think of choices like a wholemeal bun or biscuits and also cheese.

4. Remain favorable as well as continue

Concentrate on delighting in much healthier alternatives, as well as do not remonstrate excessive concerning any kind of unhealthier options. The essential point to keep in mind with any kind of modifications is to attempt as well as continue with them– it could use up to 10 times prior to you do well. The extra often youngsters could attempt much healthier foods, the more probable they will certainly consume them yet work out and also endanger a little bit, due to the fact that this is likewise component of duty modelling a healthy and balanced strategy.

5. Value every little action

Presenting any type of adjustments to the family members’s diet regimen could usually raise some problems yet attempt them one little action at once. For instance, swap damaged fish for a fillet of fish, offered with beans and also chips. Much better still switch the chips for some homemade potato wedges. Every healthy and balanced option is an action in the best instructions.

The best ways to navigate Australia on the cheap

With Australia moring than 7 million square kilometers, it takes a very long time to obtain around the nation. Taking into consideration the big ranges, it’s not surprising that couple of individuals wind up taking a trip the entire nation– there’s simply way too much ground to cover on a brief journey. These big ranges could cause high transport prices, as well as it could usually be tough to circumnavigate the nation inexpensively. Right here’s a take a look at the best ways to circumnavigate Australia inexpensively:


This is one of the most costly however simplest method to obtain around Australia. Minimal competitors amongst airline companies suggests that trips below remain extremely costly. While there are some small airline companies that offer far-off locations, Qantas (as well as its subsidiary Jetstar) and also Virgin are both huge significant airline companies that service a lot of the nation’s locations. Budget plan service provider, Tiger Airways, frequently has a great deal of price sales and also budget plan offers (like Sydney to Perth for $169 AUD return). When I fly, I take a look at them greater than other airline companies.

Nonetheless, with so couple of service providers offering the nation, unless there is a huge sale, tickets will certainly commonly be costly (Sydney to Perth for $300+ each method). The hr trip to Melbourne could set you back over $100+ AUD!!

If you reserve early you could reduce prices yet or else, I would certainly aim to stay clear of flying in Australia. When Australians joke concerning it being less expensive to fly to Bali compared to around their very own nation, they typically aren’t joking– they are being entirely significant.

Backpacker Buses

There is one backpacker bus firm in Australia: the Oz Experience. Oz Experience primarily runs along the eastern coastline as well as the facility of the nation. Nevertheless, unlike the Kiwi Experience, I really did not actually like them, in spite of both business attempting to do the very same point. While the Kiwi Experience took a great deal of time to present individuals to every various other as well as provide cost-free tasks, the Oz experience really did not. Provided, Australia is a lot larger compared to New Zealand, yet if the Oz Experience is simply a much more pricey Greyhound (as well as a couple of vehicle drivers informed me this also!), after that just what’s the factor of taking them? Not as soon as on my trip did any type of chauffeur make an effort to obtain individuals to talk with each various other. We really did not have any kind of cost-free quits or strolls. I really did not such as the Oz experience. Equally as lots of, otherwise even more, tourists take the Greyhound bus. I claim take the Greyhound, conserve some cash, as well as learn how to claim “hi” to unfamiliar people on buses.

Public Buses

This is my preferred transport choice in Australia. On the eastern coastline, this will certainly be your least expensive alternative. On the west shore, buses are remarkably pricey. There are few individuals going up and also down that coastline, as well as there’s minimal competitors. It’s commonly much easier and also more affordable to fly out in Western Australia. Nevertheless, on the eastern coastline, you could locate truly economical bus tickets, particularly if you publication ahead of time. Greyhound Australia is the greatest business in Australia. There’s additionally Premier (however it does not have as several quits). All 3 firms occasionally supply $1 prices however, essentially, the buses ticket costs are around $35 (evening buses are typically around $60– 70 bucks). From Melbourne to Cairns, a Greyhound pass will certainly cost you $549 AUD.


Trains cover a lot of Australia, however their usage isn’t really that extensive. As a matter of fact, the majority of trains are really costly, despite the backpacker price (one means from Sydney to Perth is $692 AUD!). It’s not actually an economical choice so, unless you’re wanting to spray out on a beautiful path with your better half (or simply enjoy trains), I would certainly miss this. Likewise, remember tickets for the beautiful trains publication out months beforehand. Schedule early!

Vehicle share

If you truly wish to conserve loan and also traveling economical, locate other good friends, lease an auto or campervan, and also drive around the nation. This will certainly enable you to share the prices with others (as well as if you lease a campervan, offer you a location to rest). It will certainly be a lot, more affordable compared to other traveling alternative. You could view on hostel bulletin board system to see that’s seeking individuals to join their roadtrip. You’ll constantly locate a person, as well as it’s a wonderful method making brand-new close friends.

It’s truly simple to rideshare in Australia. Every hostel has a bulletin board system where tourists publish flights and also the sites like Gumtree have energetic ridesharing areas where individuals seek autos or bikers. It’s actually durable. I HIGHLY advise in this manner of taking a trip when in the nation!


Amsterdam is among my favored cities on the planet. I like its block structures, open sky line, abundant background, as well as unwinded, very easy going perspective in the direction of life. Throughout the years, I’ve checked out Amsterdam much more times compared to I could count (I’m poor at mathematics) as well as have actually invested plenty of hrs strolling the city, making pals with citizens, and also obtaining under its skin.

Amsterdam has a lot to do that, after many brows through, I still locate brand-new points to do as well as see. The city should have greater than simply minority (as well as usually smoke loaded) days vacationers provide it, yet if a couple of days is all you have as well as you intend to take advantage of it, this is the travel plan I would certainly provide to somebody wanting to obtain an excellent review as well as understanding of exactly what makes Amsterdam so unique:

Free strolling scenic tour

A fantastic method to driven on your own to the city is with a strolling excursion. You’ll discover some background, discover where the significant websites are, as well as discover all those winding canals. I believe complimentary strolling scenic tours are a terrific very first task in any kind of city. Amsterdam has 2 great strolling scenic tours:

  • Free Walking Tours Amsterdam
  • New Europe

They are both respectable. New Europe links with all the hostels so if you wind up taking place the scenic tour through your hostel, you’ll probably get on that! Both will certainly provide you a basic historic summary of the city as well as its spots. The excursion likewise fulfills generally square as well as lasts regarding 2-3 hrs. (Be certain to tip your overview though!).

Canal scenic tour

Amsterdam is a city linked to the water– it expanded around its canals and also the subjugating of the Amstel River. The canals of Amsterdam are exceptionally stunning, and also there’s absolutely nothing like seeing the city from a watercraft. Avoid the large canal watercraft excursions you see around the city– they’re overpriced. You could frequently work with a personal watercraft trip for around 20 Euros a hr (try to find overviews around the Red Light District). Additionally, you could additionally take the al fresco Canal Hop-On Hop-Off Boat. The watercrafts are little, the trips much more intimate, and also your chauffeur will certainly offer you an excellent customized excursion. The trips last regarding a hr. It leaves from Pier 6.

Van Gogh Museum

This might be among one of the most prominent traveler destinations in the city, yet do not allow the groups prevent you. The gallery showcases a lot of Van Gogh’s ideal masterpieces together with an exceptional bio of his life as well as is set out in sequential order, beginning with his earliest jobs. Though not a substantial gallery, I could invest hrs simply looking at the paints as Van Gogh is just one of my preferred painters. The galleries additionally has paints by various other renowned musicians of the duration, like Monet, Manet, and also Matisse. Aim to come late in the late mid-day when the groups diminish.

Anne Frank House

In all sincerity, I do not like this location. I discovered it to be anticlimactic. You generally do a slow-moving go through your house as the groups load the location. You do not reach allow whatever take in as you’re being pressed from behind by the unlimited groups. It’s infuriating! Yet, if you do not mind waiting in line as well as you’re interested regarding Anne (I assume the Jewish History Museum does a much more complete work of connecting the occasions in Anne Frank’s life to the Holocaust), it could be worth the see for you. You could schedule tickets on the internet approximately 2 months beforehand, which allows you miss the line. If you do not do this, arrive extremely early in the early morning to prevent the lengthy line that creates during the day!

The Jordaan location

This greatly suburb (an old working-class area transformed hip) is possibly one of the most missed out on component of Amsterdam. Although it’s best near the town hall, minimal visitors enter this puzzle of dining establishments, coffee shops, and also stores. It’s relaxed and also a fantastic area to roam while preventing the mass of travelers crowding the primary roads simply a couple of blocks away.